How to transfer tickets to someone else

Need to transfer your ticket to someone else? Follow the steps below to get started.

1. Log into your Big Tickets account at

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Did you check out as a guest? No problem! Just create a new account using the email address associated with your ticket order.

2. Click Transfer Tickets.

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Don't see an option to transfer tickets? Make sure you've confirmed your email address by clicking the link in your ticket delivery email.

3. Enter the name and email address of the person you're transferring tickets to. Add an optional personal message.

4. Place a check next to the ticket(s) you want to transfer. Click Transfer Tickets.

The ticket recipient will get an email letting them know the tickets were transferred to them. They will need to log in and create an account with Big Tickets using the transfer email to accept the ticket transfer. If they don't already have a Big Tickets account, they'll be prompted to create one to accept the tickets.

⇒ Quick tip

Ticket transfers are cut off 24 hours before the event begins. For information on changing the name on your ticket click here.

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